The BEST Affordable Makeup Brushes!

Makeup brushes - they are not everyone's most favorite thing about makeup, but they are very useful. I think I can speak for most girls when I say that I'd rather spend my hard earned money on makeup instead of brushes. Because of that, I was on the hunt to find really great brushes at a really affordable price. 

I've always heard of BH Cosmetics brushes and was very curious. When I first started really loving makeup, I looked into BH Cosmetics. I heard they weren't very good - but years later, now they've stepped up their game. So I think, "I'm going to take a chance on this!"

I’m going to take a chance on this!

I took the chance and ordered the Signature Rose Gold 13 Brush Set. I was intrigued because they were rose gold, came with a brush holder, and were only $15!  

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 6.21.30 PM.png

I want to give you 4 reasons these are my FAVORITE affordable brushes! Here we go

1. You get every brush you need!

You could do an entire full glam face with these brushes! You get everything from foundation, powder, eyeliner, eyebrows, to eyeliner! It's honestly the best value! The great thing about them is that they're always on SALE!!! 

2. They are extremely soft! 

Some inexpensive brushes can be really hard and crunchy. What I've found with these brushes is that they stay soft. Even after washing them, they stay true to how they were when I recieved them. 

3. Amazing quality!

This sort of goes hand in hand with the brushes being soft. What I've noticed is that they are really great quality from the bristles to the handles. I've NEVER had a brush shed on me. (I actually used my Sigma Kabuki foundation brush this morning and after washing, it shed so bad. My BH Kabuki brush has NEVER shed.) The handles of the brushes aren't extremely lightweight, but feel really luxurious. And the rose gold detail tops it off. These have never come a part washing them either! :) 

4. Price DUH!

I'm a girl who always is trying to look for a deal. The one thing I try to do is find a discount on everything. I use Ebates, Honey, and all kinds of other coupon searching services. I love that BH is a more inexpensive brand. It really shows their quality with the few amazing beauty influencers who have collaborated with them - Shaaanxo, Carli Bybel

Favorite Spring Trends - 2018

Spring is here (...supposedly), so that means spring fashion has arrived! Yay! I love spring because it kind of reminds me of fall, but with brighter colors! We have cooler days and warmer days so we can really style our outfits in so many different ways! 

I've found so many cute items that are pretty dang affordable which I appreciate. (budget gal here) Below are a few of my favorite items! 

Simple Prints

There is SO much gingham happening this spring, which is amazing! I actually haven't purchased any yet because I am not too sure if I LOOOVEEE it? Maybe I'll try something soon. BUT a simple stripe is so classic for spring! I found this AMAZING dress at Target this season Be sure to size down! It runs bigger! (click the photos to take you to the item) 

Fun Florals

Something I've been super interested in is two piece sets. I thought they'd look funny on me because I am not the skinniest gal there ever was. (haha) BUT Target actually has some REALLY cute two pieces that work for girls with my curvy figure! This one is amazing and really cute for an event/party/whatever you got going on! I paired the pants with a white tank to make it more causal but the two pieces together are so adorable! (I can't find the exact two piece set on so I'll link later if I can find it)


Overall Dresses

TBH they're so cute and I need more of them! What I've loved about exploring fashion lately is that I'm surprised when certain things fit me! I've always stuggled with things being too short because I am 5'8 but these overall dress' actually worked! Both are from Heylee B! Will be linked on the photo! 

I linked one that is similar on the photo! Just click and it will take you to it! 

I linked one that is similar on the photo! Just click and it will take you to it! 

Cabbie Hats & Scarves

I've ALWAYS loved scarves for head accessories or around the neck but I hardly ever wear them! Heylee B has some really cute ones with beautiful patterns that make awesome head scarves! Also - CAN WE TALK ABOUT CABBIE HATS? Who decided these were cute because I need to thank them! I didn't think I would look somewhat normal in it but I love it!

Linked a cabbie hat that is similar. This one is not on the Heylee B site yet. 

Linked a cabbie hat that is similar. This one is not on the Heylee B site yet. 

Home Sweet Pinterest Home.....

Home Sweet Pinterest Home.....

How many times do you get on Pinterest and type in "home decor"? About a million, right?? Yeah me too. I just recently finished decorating my home... after ALMOST A YEAR OF LIVING HERE! I am not ashamed! I am super proud of my house and wanted to share with you all the things that I was able to find to make my Pinterest "home decor" board come ALIVE! 

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