"Purple Hair, Purple Hairrrr" | How I Died My Hair Purple

My Hair

My hair has been just about every shade of the rainbow. I even used Kool-aid to dye my hair. (I don't recommend that btw.) Of all the colors I've wanted to dye my hair, purple was what I was most excited about. 

About 4 weeks after I cut all my hair off, I wanted to dye it purple. I LOVE that silver purple look on hair, and because my hair is balayaged I thought this could work! 

What DID NOT Work

I tried the Loreal Liquid Chalk and IT DOES NOT WORK. I take that back...I works, but it is horrible! It's definitely chalky. I wanted something that would wash out and fade. Though it did that, it made my hair super dry and tangled. 

What I Used

The next dye I went with was Manic Panic Ultra Violet Semi-Permanent Cream. Y'all... this stuff is BOMB! Even thought it stains your hands and fingernail polish like crazy (wear gloves when you wash it out of your hair), it is so beautiful! I added a little bit of white conditioner to a smaller batch of the purple. I put that on the ends of my hair so it would be more lavender. It's faded nicely. The photos you're seeing is after one wash. My hair was actually super vibrant at first, but I love it like this!