When Amazon started selling clothes I was a tad curious and also skeptical! The more and more I was online surfing through all the prime items I thought, "I wonder if they actually have any cute overalls?" I've been wanting a pair but don't want to pay a fortune because I'm cheap. HAHA! 

I found these and did my research in the reviews section before purchasing them. Some people said they run small, some say large. I wanted them to be the more "boyfriend" slouchy fit. I decided to go with a large. When I got them they fit kind of snug in the thigh and booty area. (Big Momma got a little know what i'm saying??) 

The longer I wore the overalls they started to stretch! I think the one thing I love about them is that they stretch but they still hold their shape and style!! I also love them because you can dress them up and make them funky like I did with the heels and shirt around my waist, or you can make them fun and sporty with sneakers and a tee underneath! 

Check them out here! Honestly, totally worth it. I love them!