Home Sweet Pinterest Home.....

How many times do you get on Pinterest and type in "home decor"? About a million, right?? Yeah me too. I just recently finished decorating my home... after ALMOST A YEAR OF LIVING HERE! I am not ashamed! I am super proud of my house and wanted to share with you all the things that I was able to find to make my Pinterest "home decor" board come ALIVE! 

1. Living Room


First things first...the American flag. That beauty came from Urban Outfitters. FOR $30! Click here to shop it! Don't miss out on this! All of my pillows came from Target! I wanted to go with a more aztec/southwest theme in the living room because most of my house is very glam. I found that small chair at goodwill for about $12, and the pendant light is from Marshalls! The coffee table is handmade by me and Fred! Thanks for the help :) My TV stand is from Walmart and honestly is one of my favorite pieces! It's really sturdy and a pretty good color! My wall decor is all from Hobby Lobby! Gotta love that 40% sale! 

2. Dining Area

My dining decor actually started out as my living room decor... but soon switched when I found that American Flag! Sticking with the Aztec theme, my rug is from Target. (unfortunately I don't think it is still available). The round mirror is from Target as well! The framed wall decor is from Hobby Lobby except the top left one! That is a custom print but the frame is Target! :) The rose gold deer head is CB2! That is the ONE thing I HAD to have in my house! 

3. Bedroom

Probably my FAVORITE room in my house. My oasis. My bed and white side table are both from Ashley Home Furniture. I got them about 2 years ago. I'm not sure if it is still available. My bedspread, which I love with all my heart and more, is from West Elm. They only have Queen size in the rose color left! (and it's on sale for $99)  Shop it now. My furry blanket is from target. I wanted something to make the room look extra luxurious and I really feel like it gives it that "i'm expensive but this is faux" look! The bedside lamps are from Marshalls and were a lucky find! They have cracked mirror all over them and put off the right amount of light! My DIY eucalyptus wall hanging above the bed was, of course, Pinterest inspired and is all REAL! Nothing fake about it. I love having the smell of eucalyptus in my room! Mirror is from Walmart and was originally black and I painted it silver to match the theme of the room. 

4. "Makeup" Room

This room gives me all the heart eyes! I LOVE DIY and this rooms SCREAMS DIY! So basically everything in here is. HAHA! I got the desk from a friend needing to get rid of it and made it my own! I spray painted the frame gold and covered the top with marble contact paper! It was THAT EASY! My chair is from TJ-Maxx and rug is from Target! The dresser is a friends who let me borrow it! It already came mint color.. isn't that perfect? The gold shelf was from a friend as well and was white when I got it. I went over it with the same gold spray paint! 

5. Patio

Having a patio, I wanted it to be a space where we could grill and hang out enjoying the company of friends! After searching for probably 3 months, I found this couch on Target! I would suggest finding this when it is on sale! It's really nice but not worth the $450 it says on the site. I think I got mine for around $350 or a little more. The stripe rug (which I am starting to notice a theme in my apartment..haha) is from Hobby Lobby and the umbrella is from At Home, as well as the lights!