All About Hair Extensions

Ever wanted thicker more voluminous hair? Yeah me too. I bought a set of Foxy Locks hair extensions a while back. My hair was pretty short when I bought them. About collar bone length. When I first tried them out, they looked horrible. I thought "what have I done"! Extensions, good real human hair ones, are not the cheapest purchase ever. I would suggest doing your research before buying extensions. Look on youtube and compare your hair color to other girls who have done videos! If you have short thin hair, maybe purchase shorter thicker (heavier grams) hair. If I could change one thing about the extensions I bought, I would have gotten a heavier gram. I have the 125g. The heavier the gram, the thicker the hair. My hair is about a medium thickness and if I am not careful about how I add my extensions in, I can look like I have a mullet. 

Take a look at this video too see how I wear my extensions so that they don't show and look really natural! 

hair extensions-3.jpg
hair extensions-2.jpg