Cactus Lovin'

I've recently become obsessed with Cacti. (I don't really like the plural of that word) I like to blame this obsession on the succulent movement that happened last year. Anyway, I've started a collection of cactus themed clothes. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Something about them are so stinkin' cute! Sort of like pineapples. (that's a whole other level of love)

When I saw this top at Molly Green Boutique I immediately threw it in my dressing room. I am wearing a size medium. I love the cut of this top and if I wasn't so tall (5'8) I would probably be able to wear it as a dress. 

I paired it with my favorite high waisted skinnies from heylee b. and my brown booties from Just Fab. 

The cactus love is real y'all!