It all started when…

I was at a retreat with a bunch of creatives - which the retreat was not specifically for me, I was only working it. Before the retreat I didn't know if I needed to be a part of it because I had a hundred other things to do. Regardless, I had to be there. The first day, I was walking down a trail (because this was deep in the forests of Tennessee) and I stopped. I felt this burn inside of me to pray. Usually when I pray about my future and what God wants of me, I feel like I don't get an answer - I get discouraged. But, I knew for my attitude to change I need to talk to God. So I prayed "Lord I don't know why I am here. I am so overwhelmed with work but I love what I do. Can you please help me and guide me. Whatever it is you have for me, I promise to say YES." 

Something I get really frustrated with